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FY24 Fiscal Deadlines

As we approach the end of the fiscal year on June 30, 2024, please be aware of the following purchasing and reimbursement deadlines. Have questions? Email demfiscal@g-groups.wisc.edu.

  • May 15: Deadline to submit IT requests via DOM IT and any pre-approvals for FY24
  • June 19: Deadline to charge any expenses using a UWH Corporate card or SMPH P-Card for FY24
  • June 19: Deadline to submit any Oracle Expense reimbursements and E-reimbursements for FY24
  • June 24: Deadline to place all ShopUW+ orders for FY24

DOM Help Desk
Phone: 265‐4466

UW Health Help Desk
Start a ServiceNow ticket
Phone: 265-7777

DoIt Help Desk
Phone: 264‐4357