Writing or Submitting a Grant

The DEM Research Program is here to help you identify, develop, and collaboratively submit grant proposals to internal departments, private organizations or foundations, and federal agencies.

All grant seekers are encouraged to read the following guidelines and browse our comprehensive list of grant writing resources. Please reach out to Research Manager, Jessie Libber (jslibber@medicine.wisc.edu), to start the grant writing process or to answer grant-related questions.

Faculty/Staff Guidelines and Expectations

Once you identify a research project and potential funding mechanism, please contact Research Manager, Jessie Libber. The Research Manager should be notified of all potential grant activity at least 2 months before the submission deadline.

After a potential grant opportunity has been identified, a meeting between the Research Manager, your Administrative Assistant and PI will be scheduled. This initial meeting is to review the submission requirements needed in the grant proposal, set deadlines and define responsibilities.