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Student Courses for 2022-2023

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For Faculty: Approval Process for Independent Study Courses

For the following courses:

  • 300-699 (Undergraduate)
  • 330-998 (Graduate-Med Student)
  • Med 903 (MD/PhD)

Please have student complete an independent study learning agreement. This form needs to be signed by the sponsoring faculty/instructor and submitted to Niki Hagen for processing.

Additional Form Needed for 300-699 (Undergraduate): In addition to the learning agreement, the student will need to complete an independent study authorization which requires signature from the sponsoring faculty/instructor and both forms (agreement and authorization) should be submitted to Niki Hagen for processing (

Please note, all independent study requests require final approval from DEM’s Vice Chair of Education and DEM’s Vice Chair of Research (if applicable).

You will be notified once your course has been approved.

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