Poster Printing

The BerbeeWalsh Department of Emergency Medicine provides free research poster presentation templates in three- and four-column formats for all employees to utilize.

Common poster requests include:

  • Shapiro student presentations
  • Bio 152 student research presentations
  • Faculty/staff/student presentations at national and local conferences and research forums

Research presentation template

Printing Research Posters:

To order a research poster, please send the following information to the Research Manager (Jessie Libber, who will submit a poster printing request on your behalf. Additional information also found on the Poster Printing Request Form from the UW Chemistry Fast Copy Center:

  • Requester’s name and email (person who will pick up the poster from the UW Chemistry Fast Copy Center)
  • Requester’s email address
  • Primary researcher’s name
  • Funding String
  • Date and time needed
  • Poster File (PDF or PowerPoint)
  • Poster size length and width
  • Trim choice
  • Additional comments

*A pre-approval form is required prior to the poster printing request, except for Shapiro students.

*Posters need to be printed through the UW Chemistry Fast Copy Center. Submit a request with at least 24 hours notice to the copy center for processing.

*Please use the approved departmental presentation templates when creating your oral presentation or poster, which can be downloaded here.

*Before creating your poster, please make sure that you select the correct slide size/PowerPoint template that matches the size requirements for your conference. Templates are available for posters sized 36″x48″ and 36″x60″. If you need a different poster size, please contact to request a new template.